Why I built a women-only co-working group  
By Sabine Siebolds: Founder: Ladies Working Together

Why I built a women-only co-working group

By Sabine Siebolds - Founder of Ladies Working Together (LWT)

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LWT is a new initiative to unite and support working women and those seeking work. 

"I started LWT out of a personal need. I was working (and still am) for my family’s German company as a representative in Dubai and I was spending my days working from home alone.  Gradually, I noticed a big drop in my motivation and productivity and, one day, I just couldn’t take the loneliness anymore.

So, three months ago, I started LWT as a small, free gathering scheduled on meetup.com. I had no idea how it was going to turn out. In the first week, eight women turned up. In the second week, twelve women… in the third week, fifteen … and it just grew and grew.

As the community has grown, we have introduced ‘Social Saturdays’ – afternoons dedicated to giving our LWT members the opportunity to host their own workshops in front of our community. It’s a great way to showcase talents, ideas and expertise and also to connect with the community and reach a larger audience. 

I have been so overwhelmed by LWT’s growth over the past three months and the subsequent ideas coming out of this initiative. We have been approached by other women outside of Dubai who love the concept and we are now trying to establish LWT in other cities as well. It would be a dream to help other women in different cities and build an international network.

We have also recently launched our website - www. ladiesworingtogether.com – where we are working on a dedicated members area that will have similar functionality to Facebook - a platform where women can register their profile and network with all other listed profiles online. It is very exciting!

It is not just the social impact – that of relieving loneliness for home-based workers - that has been a factor in LWT’s success. It is also the boost in inspiration and motivation you feel when you are surrounded by other women who are working on something too – whether that’s their own business, freelance work, study, a job-search or a passion project. At LWT, we share questions, contacts and advice and I love the supportive tribe that is emerging. I believe that supportive, nurturing characteristic is something quite unique to women – and it is even more powerful when women come together as a purposeful collective. This is why I started a women-only co-working group.

I would urge all women who are working independently, who crave that sense of belonging to something, to join the LWT community at one of our weekly co-working meetups – we would love to welcome you. See you there!"

Get in touch with Sabine at hello@ladiesworkingtogether.com and find out more via @ladiesworkingtogetherdubai on Instagram.