Film & Discussion - Nasab

Thrive partnered with local brand, KOA, to create an intimate, thought-provoking event in its new workspace for creatives – Nasab. At this exclusive event, our audience was treated to a picnic Iftar dinner while watching award-winning documentary, "She's Beautiful When She's Angry" - a film that documents the movers and shakers of the feminist movement from 1966 - 1971 in the USA. This was followed by an open discussion, led by Thrive and Dr. Belisa Marochi of Middlesex University, which delved into the modern-day experience of women (and men) as a result of this movement and pondered the question, 'has much really changed?'. Fascinating, insightful and refreshing.

Event Partners: Nasab by Koa

Check out Nasab's haven of a workspace @nasabdubai


Belisa Marochi: Senior Lecturer in International Relations, Middlesex University