About Thrive

We empower individuals with opportunities to connect with and learn from some of the best in their field so that they can acquire the tools and confidence to create a career they want, not a career they have to settle for - that may involve overcoming personal barriers, setting up a dream business or breaking through glass ceilings.

Meet The Founder

Farida Gilmore


A qualified professional Career Coach and the founder of Thrive, Farida previously spent a decade as a corporate communications specialist in the UK, Asia and Middle East.

Thrive is inspired by Farida’s personal career journey where, while navigating the ups and downs of a career change with a young family in tow, she found a lack of inspirational, relatable, supportive voices. This spurred Farida to create an experiential platform, influenced by powerful TED-like talks with a focus on the world of work - particularly from a female perspective - that she felt was deeply needed.

Farida’s passion to provide a megaphone for individuals to share their personal stories and strive for better is at the core of Thrive’s growth and success.

Connect with Farida via @thrive.talks on Instagram and Facebook